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Peanut Chicken Recipe

If there are two types of food I love most, it's anything Asian and anything peanut butter, which makes this recipe and obvious choice for my first recipe blog! This is my mom's Peanut Chicken & Rice recipe, full of veggies and all of my favorite flavors! My mom and I spent a LONG time perfecting this recipe and making it taste perfect without going overboard on unhealthy or artificial ingredients.  Here's what you'll need: Main Ingredients: 20oz Lean Ground Chicken or Turkey (somewhere in the 90% range of leanness) 1 Red Bell pepper 1/4C Chopped Onion 3/4C Sugar Snap Peaa 1.5C Broccoli or Broccoli Slaw 1.5Tbsp Olive Oil 4tsp minced garlic 3C Cooked Rice OR 1 Cup Uncooked Rice   Peanut...

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