About Me

Hi! I'm Sydney. I'm passionate about helping others learn how to get healthy, stay healthy, and create a healthy lifestyle that they love and enjoy. I'm 23 years old and I live in the D/FW area with my husband and 2 dog children (and one real baby on the way). I started my own healthy journey at the end of high school, and through many ups and downs it eventually manifested itself into my own personal training business. I truly believe there is a form of health and fitness for EVERY individual and I've made it my mission to find what that is for my clients. For me, I enjoy powerlifting. Once I found this form of exercising, I was able to look forward to working out, maintain a lifestyle that was sustainable to me and my family, and I felt mentally healthier than ever too. My way of exercise is far from the only way. Let me help you find what works for you!

My background in fitness:

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • APF Show of Strength Powerlifting Meet: 1st Place
  • USPA Unleash The Beast Powerlifting Meet: 1st Place
  • USAPL Easter Open: 2nd Place
  • USAPL Southern Regional Championships: 2nd Place